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Updated: February 14, 2011
Dear Doctors and Staff,

For well over 30 years, we have had.....first the VCR cassette.....and now the DVD and example booklet, containing everything we Chiropractors and staff must know when dealing with Medicare.

We constantly get phone calls from fellow Chiropractors and staff wanting to know if the DVD covers this, and that, etc. Our DVD covers everything! We have never had a phone call with someone saying it didn't cover this...or that! The DVD and booklet covers it all, plus phone calls if you have any questions.

The DVD starts at the beginning...Par-Non Par, Mandatory Claims Submission, ABN of Non-Coverage, Fees, Diagnosis Codes, Limiting Charge, Chiropractic Visit Guidelines, Clinical Abbreviations, S.O.A.P. Notes, X-rays, P.A.R.T., Downcoding, All Audits, Documentation and the completion of that specific "documentation", Exacerbation, Neuronal Components, True Maintenance Care, Completed Claim, Electronic Billing, "AT", "GA" & "GX" Modifiers, Audits and Appeals, Co-Insurance and Deductibles, Becoming a Non-Par, How to Avoid an Audit, and finally....How To Win An Audit. The DVD is interesting, very informative, and will help the Chiropractor and Staff make sure necessary changes to Medicare is done correctly.

Our DVD and booklet covers this information and much, much, more to help our fellow Chiropractors and their staff do Medicare correctly to keep out of trouble.
BOTTOM LINE: If you wish to learn how to do Chiropractic Medicare correctly, including "documenting" by federal standards, please consider ordering our Chiropractic Medicare DVD and booklet. It explains piece by piece every important step in doing and billing Chiropractic Medicare so there are no limits for the chiropractic adjustment. If you are audited you will have done Medicare correctly and win your audit. You and your staff will be very happy you have this important and mandatory information. I promise it will make a difference in your understanding of Medicare and how you bill Medicare.
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Keep in mind, Medicare is the only insurance type program that if done incorrectly is fraud, a felony, a fine and/or jail.

I promise you will be more than satisfied that you made the right decision to purchase this information or attend our presentation. Please give me a call if you have questions. 1-618-395-3162

Best regards,
Dr. Gary R. Street

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